How scientists are different from us

Scientist, is any person who conducts scientific research. But, have you think that which things makes scientist different from us. They do research, analyse things and make conclusion but common people not. Scientists have some qualities. Actually we are also scientist, in the sense that we also have a scientist like qualities. And today I will give you idea that qualities.

Scientists are excellent observer !!

Scientists are really a excellent observer, they have great observation skills. They see nature in different way than other peoples. They love and respect nature. And hence they understand nature better.

Scientists continuously analyse things.

Scientists are always analyse things on the basis of observations and then makes conclusion.

Scientists are good patterns finder.

All scientists are good at finding patterns in nature. Like, Newton observe acceleration on object caused by earth’s gravity is near same(Constant) at earth and today we are knows that as Gravitational acceleration of earth i.e. 9.807 m/s².

Scientists can able to relate things.

To relate things it requires great observation skills and it helps to connect things and hence they understand nature better than us.

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